Or & Sable

Or & Sable

We develop high-end military drone simulators

Modern conflicts demonstrate that unmanned systems are playing a key role in achieving air superiority. This is done with drone technology that can fullfill a wide range of roles, from intelligence gathering, reconnaissance to kinetic actions. O&S offers virtual trainingtools to turn any personel into an effective actor in the air.

With our drone simulator FPV Air Supremacy 
we are deploying our first solution to the market. 

Boot Camp

Our simulators train users in the operation of lightweight FPV drone systems, providing safe virtual settings to develop piloting skills at one’s preferred pace. Every second spent practicing in the simulator equates to real-world flight experience.

Operation planning

With the aid of satellite data, operators can emulate real-life locations, enabling precise mission planning and training. Factors such as season or time of day, along with the addition of virtual objects, can be configured to match circumstances on the ground.


Customize the characteristics of the FPV system within the simulator to replicate precise real-life systems. Tailor the training experience by adjusting and adapting the hardware, payload, and sensor configuration within a virtual workbench.